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School Admissions

We adhere to Coventry City Council’s School Admissions policies.

All new applications and in-year transfer applications must be made online directly to Primary School Admissions at Coventry City Council: Coventry City Council Primary Admissions (Rising 5s) Primary In-Year Admissions and Transfers.

We hold an Open Day each October for parents of children starting school the following September, please contact us further information.

For in-year admissions and transfers, please contact us if you wish to arrange an appointment to visit the school.

Appealing for a place – If you have not been offered a place at your preferred school(s) you have the right of appeal against the decision not to allocate your child a place.

Accepting the place you have been offered does not affect your right of appeal.

Please visit Coventry City Council Primary School Appeals for further details on how to make your application and scheduled hearings.

Also see information on attendance at All Saints – Child Absence