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As a Church of England School we hold a daily act of collective worship which demonstrates Christian beliefs and practices, and marks the cycle of the Church’s year.

We always seek to reflect in our worship the Christian foundation of the school and its care for all who work here. Children are helped to understand the meaning of Christian worship and we hope that believers will be able to share in it and that others of no faith will feel invited to explore the ‘threshold of worship’ and be respectful of its centrality to the life of the school community.

Content and Organisation

Collective Acts of Worship are rooted in the Bible and reflect our Christian values. The planning cycle follows the seasons of the Church year. As much as possible we try to relate our worship to events and experiences that are current and relevant to children’s lives. Recognising the very diverse backgrounds of our children, we aim to promote respect for and understanding of other world religions by including some festivals of celebration such as Diwali, Hanukkah and Eid.


Occasionally our worship takes place in St. Anne and All Saints Church at times of major festivals in the Christian calendar – Harvest, Ash Wednesday, Remembrance and Christmas, Year Group Services or times of special significance for school such as the Year 6 Leavers service.

Read our Collective Worship Policy