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Values & Ethos

All Saints Christian Vision

Our children show how our Christian vision guides our school family.

'Let all that you do be done with love.' 1 Corinthians 16:14

With love for ourselves.

With love for our family.

With love for our world.

Our mission “Nurturing joy, curiosity and creativity through our All Saints family” is deeply rooted in the Christian vision for education to prepare children for a fulfilled life. 


The All Saints Christian vision encourages everyone in our community to know and show love.  We believe that protecting children in God’s love will give them the support to strive forward with confidence to realise their own unique gifts and potential.  Everyone should feel the warmth of our family and feel welcomed as together we are stronger. 


Christian values are embedded in all aspects of the school day.  Through formal and informal worship activities we teach all Christian values in depth throughout the year. They nurture children to feel supported by God to face life’s challenges.  We have six school values which were chosen by our children as they felt they were central to ensuring we protect the ethos of our caring school.  They guide us to follow Gods path and help shape us as individuals.


At All Saints we aim to prepare children to thrive now and in the future.  We work hard to develop them academically but also spiritually and morally so they can make a positive contribution to community and society.

Everyone in the school community worked together to find the five keys words which articulate our school.  These words form our mission statement which is used by children, staff and governors to ensure we protect the distinctiveness of All Saints and guide us as we constantly strive to improve all we do.  Our seven aims are driven through our curriculum and embedded in our core values.