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Here are all your lessons.  Every day you must complete a Maths task, an English task and start to work through the lessons in the virtual classroom.  There is an RE lesson, Topic lesson, Science lesson and a PHSE lesson each week.  Don't forget the Spirituality tasks.  They are a lot of fun!  You can look at previous week's virtual classrooms if you want to do more!  All work must come back into school to be stuck into your school books.


Mrs Monnington has made video lessons for Maths and English.  There is one for each day you are learning at home.  Mrs Monnington and Miss Davies are working from home too.  You can contact them through the class email  They would love to see pictures of you and your work as they are sure to be missing you already.


Everyday you can see your teachers in a Microsoft Teams meeting.  Invites to the meeting will be emailed to your parents.  You can also join the rest of the school in worship at 2.45pm pm on Mondays and 9.15am on Fridays.