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In common with all schools in Coventry we operate under the agreed Child Protection procedures.

The All Saints Safeguarding Team

This is an inter-agency agreement and provides us with clear guidance and protocol. The named teachers for Child Protection issues are the Inclusion Manager, Miss Allison Wright and the Headteacher, Mrs Cara Page. In some circumstances, if we are seriously concerned about the safety or welfare of a pupil, we have a duty to contact social services or other agencies. Where we think a child is at serious risk of significant harm we may do this without first contacting parents. This is a legal obligation and not a personal decision.

Inclusion Manager & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Head Teacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Charter of Entitlement

As a member of All Saints every child is entitled to be taught in a safe and nurturing environment and their learning enriched by:

  • Themed days, visitors and educational visits
  • Celebrations in Church
  • Individual achievements celebrated with the whole school
  • Protective Behaviours and E-Safety to keep themselves safe
  • Participating in fundraising activities
  • Growing and selling produce for local events
  • Sports competitions Performing in a production
  •  Having their voice heard through School Council
  • Learning to swim
  • Participating in school assemblies
  • Leading a class worship
  • Visiting the parish church – St Anne’s and All Saints
  • A visit to Coventry Cathedral
  • The opportunity to learn a musical instrument
  • A visit to the theatre
  • A visit to a farm
  • A visit to an art gallery
  • The opportunity to attend a residential outdoor centre
  • Developing a range of Life Skills including sewing, cooking, first aid and handling money
  • Links with other schools nationally and internationally
  • Wide variety of lunchtime resources
  • Celebrating Christmas lunch as the All Saints family