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Art & Design

Through the All Saints Art & Design curriculum, children's cultural understanding of topics are enhanced and enriched.  Each project starts with a research element where children explore design in greater detail.  They are given time to practise skills and carefully plan work.  Our art curriculum is used to develop perseverance and resilience as they learn to overcome mistakes and celebrate achievements.  Each unit is linked to a famous artist or piece of artwork to broaden children's knowledge of the history of art and to introduce modern artists.  Children are encouraged to consider how art can be used as a powerful expression of an idea to challenge and provoke thought.  They are encouraged to be courageous advocates through classroom discussions of an artists work or through opportunities to develop their own voice in their artwork which is purposefully designed to challenge other peoples thoughts and feelings. 


Our skills progression focuses on the following areas

  • Responding to art

Famous Art & Culture

Selft & Peer Reflection

  • Drawing Skills




Looking and Observation

Figures and Faces

  • Painting Skills

Brush Strokes

Colour Mixing and Theory

  • Sculpture & Collage