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Key Skills

As children's reading ability progresses they complete the Read Write Ink scheme of work.  Teachers use their key skills lesson slots to enhance core skills.  Teachers use their assessments to guide them as to the focus of these lessons.  There may be handwriting activities, reading activities or key maths skills.  This flexible approach helps teachers reinforce and revisit skills. 

Once children can decode fluently and have completed the Read, Write, Inc scheme of work they have daily half an hour reading lessons.  They are delivered as a whole class and teachers will share a text or extract from a book throughout the week.  Each day there is a focus on a different reading skill.  Lessons are fun and interactive.  They develop children's reading skills whilst promoting a love for reading by exposing children to a wide variety of texts and genres.

Our handwriting scheme is Letter-join.  Over time children develop their own handwriting style which is developed from our whole school handwriting approach.  Our agreed letter formation is taught and regularly revisited to ensure children become confident fluent writers.

English spelling can be a challenge for many pupils.  We use the RWI spelling scheme to introduce children to different spelling rules.  These sessions form the basis of weekly spelling homework.  We also assess children's high frequency word spellings frequently and lists of unknown words are available for parents on request.