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Geography is introduced in the EYFS as children start to become familiar with the concept of place.  They explore changes in their own environment and experience.  In Key Stage 1 children explore the local area in more detail.  They look at maps and begin to name important places including UK countries, capital cities, continents and seas.  They explore how across the world places have different characteristics and start to understand the difference between human and physical geography.


Children extend their geographical knowledge and understanding in Key Stage 2.  Children explore the local area and develop fieldwork skills creating records of their observations and measurements.  Whilst All Saints is located inside the inner city of Coventry, we also have access to physical features e.g. Sherbourne River.  Children consider how physical features are managed and support urban development.  Across Key Stage 2 the summer term 'Champions of Change' topics encourage children explore the environment and social geography.  They learn how human geography impacts on the physical and how geographers can influence balance and change.