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Uniform Policy & Information

Our children wear their All Saints uniform with pride.  By ensuring everyone adheres to the dress code we promote equality and a sense of belonging for children.  


Our Governors are keen to promote a uniform policy which is practical, affordable and protective of children's health and safety.


The All Saints School Uniform Swap Shop

Although we have carefully selected the uniform to help parents find a uniform within their budget we encourage parents to access the uniform 'Swap Shop'.  Children grow out of many items of clothing are before they have finished their useful life.  We want to promote green values in school.

Email ASPIRE and a member of the pastoral team will try to help you:


Please make sure all uniform is named

We teach children to take responsibility for all their belongings so please ensure items can be easily identified. You can use a pen or name labels.  Stikins Name Labels provide a fundraising scheme for school when parents purchase their stick on labels - please quote our fundraising number 384

The lost property box is located in the corridor leading from the school hall.


School Uniform:

  • Maroon sweatshirt or cardigan (plain or with logo)
  • Grey trousers, pinafore dress, skirts or shorts
  • White shirt or polo shirt (plain or with logo)
  • Black, sensible school shoes (flat with no open toes)
  • Red and white gingham check summer dress
  • Maroon Book Bag (optional)
  • We also encourage outside playtimes so a warm waterproof coat is required in winter time and a sunhat in the summer.


P.E. Kit

Children wear their PE kit to school on PE days with their school jumper.  They may change into their hoodie for the sports lesson.  We prefer kit to be unbranded.  Logos must be discrete.

  • White T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black joggers - PE lessons are generally outside all year round so children will especially need joggers in the winter. 
  • Plain black/ maroon hoodie
  • Black pumps/ trainers


Uniform Rules 

  • No jewellery (except for small stud earrings and jewellery that works for religious purposes)
  • Shoulder length hair must be tied back
  • Appropriate haircuts during term time (we discourage styles of very short hair with patterns shaved into)
  • Hair accessories should be discrete and in school colours (black, white, grey, maroon, red)
  • Trainers are only to be worn for PE, sport and at lunchtimes
  • No make up or nail polish


Uniform Suppliers

Uniform items can be found at most supermarkets or from one of our uniform suppliers:


Children not wearing school uniform will be given items from the school Uniform Swap Shop.