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Cycling is great fun, excellent exercise and an environmentally sound method of transport.  We have a large collection of bikes starting with balance bikes and scooters in the EYFS.  After they have mastered balance, there are several bikes of different stages growing with the children to large geared bikes. 


As an inner city school, we worry about the dangers children face in their every day lives.  Our cycling curriculum aims to ensure every child has a strong awareness of how to stay safe on the road.  We aim for every child to pass the Bikeabilty scheme by the time they leave Year 6. We are designing a curriculum which develops skills and provides goals for children to achieve as they grow.  We want all children to be able to ride confidently by year 5.  They are then ready for the Bikeability program delivered by specialist instructors.  This is scheduled each year in the Summer Term of Year 5 and there are opportunities for less confident children to have a second attempt in Year 6.