School Logo

Our Mission for Educational Provision

Our mission for education is to nurture joy, curiosity and creativity through our All Saints family.


This mission is underpinned by our Christian Vision.  Governors and leaders at all levels are committed to ensuring our children receive the very best educational experiences at school.


Wrapped around our educational provision is an ethos of nurture which is provided by and extended to every member of our All Saints family.

We believe people flourish when their personal, social and emotional needs are met.  Over the past few years, we have developed our own bespoke provision.  The ASPIRE approach is embedded in every aspect of school life.  It is designed to support children to understand the emotions and behaviour of themselves and the people around them.  We want children to be able to regulate their feelings and resolve problems and conflicts with compassion and respect. We know that when children are emotionally secure, they are in the best place to learn and achieve well academically. 




The words Joy Curiosity and Creativity drive the intent of our curriculum.   

Not only do we want to provide joyful experiences for children in lessons, we teach children to find joy in all aspects of learning.  This is a key skill and builds children's resilience.  In our curriculum design and delivery, we are mindful of enhancing their innate natural curiosity.  We want children to love learning and know how, and be highly motivated, to acquire knowledge and skills for themselves.   We promote creativity through activities and skills but also through opportunities to think of new solutions and approaches.  Innovative thinkers will be in demand for our future world!


We have high expectations and want to encourage our children to set high aspirations for themselves.  Our positive approach helps children to celebrate their own unique gifts, feel successful and learn to love themselves.