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Understanding of history starts in the EYFS where children learn about the past in relation to their lives.  In Key Stage 1 children compare growing up today with childhood in the Victorian times and life in Elizabethan England.  They find out about famous people and events in history and explore the local area going on walks to find buildings from the past and evidence of old and new.


Children develop their chronological understanding and enquiry skills while acquiring knowledge of key topics in history. During the autumn term, all Key Stage 2 topics are focused on Britain.  Spring Term topics look to ancient civilizations around the world.  In Year 6 they look at how medicine has changed over time and use their experiences of the recent Covid pandemic to challenge social injustice of health and wealth in the past and today.  Summer term topic are titled 'Champions of Change'.  Children explore the environment and historical developments for example how the The Spice Trade has led to our global food markets  in Year 5. 


Weaved within the different topics are links to the local area and Coventry.  We also celebrate how modern Britain and our multicultural society was founded on the history of empire.  Children acknowledge how opinions and values have changed over time and the considerable work yet to do in creating a society without bias and prejudice.