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Maths is our curriculum driver for the STEM subjects.  Children enjoy daily maths lessons which allow for all children to feel the reward of success in their learning.  Teachers are supported in planning their lessons through the Mathematics Mastery programme of work.  Within lessons there is a focus on talk and reasoning about mathematics.  We want children to have a deep conceptual understanding which they are confident to use and apply in a variety of ways.   


Lessons are structured into six parts.

Do Now- This task starts the lesson with a quick activity to get children mathematically active.  Teachers might choose something they know children can do but need to consolidate through practise.

New Learning- The teacher will bring learners together to share some new learning.  They will share connections between previously taught concepts.

Talk Task- Children are given opportunity to talk accurately about the maths introduced through a fun task.  The emphasis is on language and giving children the opportunity to practise demonstrating their understanding with a peer verbally.

Develop Learning-  The teacher will then assess children's understanding and bring the group back together to take the learning further forward.

Independent Task- Children are now given time to apply their understanding to a task independently of adult support.  Teachers carefully differenciate tasks so everyone can access the learning and feel successful.

Plenary- At the end of the lesson, children come back as a group and the teacher reviews learning and deepens understanding through question and activity.


In addition to the daily lesson, teachers lead short 'Maths Meetings'.  During the 10 minute meeting, children will revisit concepts taught previously to ensure knowledge and understanding is retained and skills are kept fresh.