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Many children at All Saints speak additional languages to English and are fluent in many modern foreign languages. We want our pupils to have the opportunity to a learn a language that is new to all of them. By choosing Latin, children will understand how modern languages have originated and the impact of historical events on language development. We want to deepen understanding of the world and provide an opening to other cultures. Latin also provides opportunities for children to strengthen their knowledge in English grammar and spelling rules. We also want to raise the aspirations of our pupils by teaching a language that is mainly taught in grammar and private schools.


We use the Minimus scheme as it provides a lively introduction to Latin for children aged 7 and over. Minimus uses a mix of myths, stories, grammar support and historical background! The pupil book is a lively, colourful introduction to the Latin language and the culture of Roman Britain. A fun way to teach English grammar, it is ideal for cross-curricular activities.


Our pupils will be prepared to study further Latinate languages in secondary education. They will have an understanding about the originations of the English language and how ancient languages have impacted modern grammatical structures. Children will have a curiosity about etymology and the history of Latinate languages.  They will have an awareness of the cultural impact of the Roman Empire and the Latin language on the world and in Coventry.