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Design Technology

The All Saints design technology curriculum is designed to allow children the opportunity to explore and innovate whilst acquiring technical knowledge which builds their practical skills for life.  Children use and apply knowledge gained across the curriculum with a particular focus on the other STEM subjects.  Each term the children produce a design and make project.  They are given a chance to research the market, and design and make a product for a particular use thinking about the final user.


Cooking and textiles are taught separately with an increased focus on developing key skills.  During the end of the autumn term, each year group make a textile project linked to the festive celebrations.  Each year, children will cook a meal from the All Saints recipe book.  These meals are served for lunch at school.  Classes meet with trhe school catering team.  They learn valuable skills, find out about where food comes from and how nutrition is an important element to build a healthy lifestyle.  An important part of the experience is the class shared lunch.  Children celebrate their achievements and eat the product of their labours together at lunchtime.

Y5 Build to the line bridge challenge!