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My Child at School Online Portal for Parents (MCAS)

Below are some useful links containing user guides for MCAS. If you need an invitation email to sign or have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


My Child at School Parent Login

How to login and use the MCAS Web Parent Portal

How to reset MCAS password

How to use My Account and customise your desktop view in MCAS

MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) FAQ

How to book Clubs, Trips and Wraparound Care in MCAS

How to top-up balances whilst making a purchase in MCAS


As you are probably aware we had a new system in school in April which provided us with a new online portal for parents/carers called My Child at School (MCAS).


We are gradually moving all our services onto the MCAS app and encourage all parents/ carers that have not yet done so to sign up so they can gain access to their child's information.  To sign up you will need an invitation email, and you must use the email address provided to school to activate your account.  (You no longer need an invitation code to access MCAS).


Currently parents/carers can use MCAS for the following:

  • dinner money payments
  • trip and club payments
  • change contact details*
  • view parental consents*
  • view child’s attendance
  • view term dates

(*We will no longer send out paper copies of data collection sheets or consent sheets.)


We intend to add the following services to MCAS:

  • messaging (text, email, app)
  • pupil reports
  • parent’s evening appointments
  • booking after school clubs & holiday clubs



This week we have added ‘Wraparound Care’ to MCAS.  From Monday 6th November you can now request wraparound sessions by choosing ‘Wraparound Care’ from the menu in MCAS.  Payments for sessions taken from Monday 6th November should be made via the MCAS dashboard, ‘Outstanding Payments’. 


Please note the following important information:

  • Do not use 'Outstanding Payments’ on the MCAS dashboard to pay for wraparound sessions taken BEFORE the half term break/Monday 6th November.  If you do still owe money for wraparound sessions taken last term and you wish to pay via MCAS please choose ‘PRODUCTS’ from the dashboard menu, then choose ‘Wraparound Fees - Sessions taken BEFORE 06/11/2023’.
  • Outstanding payments can be made in cash. Balances for sessions taken up to Wednesday 25th October will be sent by email to parents/carers.   


Wraparound payments should always be made at the end of the week in which the sessions are taken. Should debts not be cleared in accordance with the terms and conditions an administration fee of £10 will be charged to your account.