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Year 5

Gate:  Charterhouse Fields Entrance

Start: 8.45am

Finish: 3.15pm


PE Day: Wednesday

The Year 5 Team!

Teacher: Mrs Judge

Teacher: Mrs Thurkettle

Teaching Assistant (HLTA): Ms Pomfrett


Mrs Judge and Mrs Thurkettle work together to lead learning in Year 5.  This is an important year as children mature as learners and develop a deeper skill set.  The All Saints creative curriculum creates a framework for children to make meaningful links between different aspects of learning.  Year 5 provides children opportunities to take additional roles and responsibilities to contribute to our school community.  Our highly successful Junior PCSO program teaches children to become role models for our younger children sharing messages of British values.  The Chicken Care team, ensure our school pets are well looked after.  They also run the Egg shop developing children's business spirit and entrepreneurial skills.